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Rakesh OmPrakash Mehra and Deepak Gattani. Feb, 09



Some new Idea being Discussed between Rakesh Omprakash Mehra and Deepak Gattani.
the time of the year when we look for ideas to experiment 
ideally in the genre of , Music and Dance.any and all ideas welcome

the thought of the moment is to develop a Musical ( live) with a two fold integration.. Live and CINEMA. most ideas which are big , either get converted from Live to cinema , or from Cinema to Live . eg :Lord of the rings, from book to film to live..., Mama Mia , from Live to Film, Chicago  from Live to Film.... but what I have in mind is to build an idea to get started from its inception, conception  to make it a two fold activity.

if you have an idea that can see this we are more than happy to explore 

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Atif Ali Khan 24, Oct 2013 8:40 AM

I have an idea that might integrate the three platforms. Musical, film and live. How about create a castle for a live performance- and write a story around intwining the greatest hits of Rahman Sahab. Keep it exclusive don`t telecast- instead broadcast it to cinemas live. This will be a fresh approach to pull audience together. U2 and Rush has done it in past. But not all three platform just relaying the live shows in cinema. Regards, Atif Ali Khan.

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